Checking Accounts

Share Draft Account

A share draft account is the credit union term for a checking account. At Central Wisconsin Credit Union, there is no annual fee, and unlimited check writing. You can have your payroll direct deposited into your account and we can issue you a debit card free of charge. 

We can also make it extremely easy for you to bring your current checking account from another institution to Central Wisconsin Credit Union. Just print out our  SWITCH KIT, and you'll have all the necessary forms to effortlessly switch from your old financial to CWCU. And if you just don't feel like doing it - we'll be happy to do it all for you FREE OF CHARGE! 




Question: What is a "share draft" account?

Answer: A share draft account is nothing more than a checking account. There is basically no difference.

Question: Is there a minimum balance requirement with my share draft account?

Answer: No, there is no minimum balance requirement, however, as with any checking account, it probably is not prudent to allow the account to reach a zero balance.

Question: Does my share draft account earn interest?

Answer: No. Interest is not paid on share draft accounts at CWCU. The truth of the matter is that most checking accounts that earn interest end up paying very little due to the constantly fluctuating balances.

Question: On a new share draft account, can I get "starter" checks?

Answer: We do not provide starter checks on newly opened share draft accounts. We do provide your first 50 checks free of charge, but there is a couple of days turn around time to receive these checks. Also, the 50 free checks are generic in style and composition.

Question: Am I limited on the number of checks I can write per month?

Answer: No, the only limit to the number of checks you can write per month is the balance you have on account.

Question: Is there an annual fee on my share draft account?

Answer: No annual fee.

Question: Is overdraft protection available?

Answer: Yes. The overdraft protection we offer is not a "line of credit" offered by most institutions. We can link your share draft account to a savings account, so when you do overdraft, the necessary funds are transferred to cover the checks that are trying to clear your account. Also, this form of overdraft protection assumes there are available funds in the corresponding savings account.

Question: Can I get a debit card on my share draft account?

Answer: Absolutely -  and free, as always!

Senior Advantage Club

Our Senior Advantage Club provides free checks to individuals 65 years of age or older. Each calendar year Seniors are entitled to 2 free boxes of checks at NO COST!!