Kidz Club

The Kidz Club accounts are designed to motivate our young people to save for the future. A $5.00 deposit is all that is required to open an account and it pays the same dividend as our Regular Shares. The big difference is, on your child's birthday they are given $5.00 which is deposited in their account.  It's a great program for young people up to 12 years old.

0.05% Dividend Rate 0.05% Annual Percentage Yield


Question: Is there an age limit on the Kidz Club?

Answer: The Kidz Club is open to all young people under 12.

Question: What's so special about the Kidz Club?

Answer: Kids need to learn the value of saving money at an early age and they can accomplish this with their "own" account. On their birthdays, they receive a happy birthday letter which can be brought in and exchanged for a $5.00 deposit in their account.

Question: Are kids automatically enrolled in the annual bike drawing by opening an account?

Answer: Yes. When your child opens an account, they are automatically entered in the drawing each year.