Kidz Club

The Kidz Club accounts are designed to motivate our young people to save for the future. A $5.00 deposit is all that is required to open an account and it pays the same dividend as our Regular Shares. The two big differences are: first, on your child's birthday they are given a choice of a free lunch from McDonalds or $5.00 deposited in their account. Second, your child is automatically entered in a drawing for two bicycles at our Annual Meeting. It's a great program for young people up to 12 years old.

0.05% Dividend Rate 0.05% Annual Percentage Yield


Question: Is there an age limit on the Kidz Club?

Answer: The Kidz Club is open to all young people ages 12 and under.

Question: What's so special about the Kidz Club?

Answer: Kids need to learn the value of saving money at an early age and they can accomplish this with their "own" account. On their birthdays, they receive a happy birthday letter which can be brought in and exchanged for a free lunch or a $5.00 deposit in their account.

Question: Are kids automatically enrolled in the annual bike drawing by opening an account?

Answer: Yes. When your child opens an account, they are automatically entered in the drawing each year. However, to be fair, if your child has won a bicycle, they are not eligible to win for the next two years.