Christmas Club

The Christmas Club provides members with a place to save money for the Holidays.Money can be deposited throughout the year, then, usually on November 1, we distribute the funds via transfer to your savings or checking account to be withdrawn at your convenience.  

0.05% Dividend Rate 0.05% Annual Percentage Yield


Question: Can I open a Christmas Club at any time?

Answer: Yes, there is no restriction or time frame to enroll in our Christmas Club.

Question: What dividend rate does my Christmas Club pay?

Answer: Christmas Club accounts pay the same dividend rate as Regular Shares.

Question: When are funds from Christmas Club accounts distributed?

Answer: Funds from Christmas Club accounts are distributed on or about November 1 of each year. The funds will be deposited in either your savings or checking account.

Question: Can I withdraw funds out of my Christmas Club account early without penalty?

Answer: Yes you can, however, we try to encourage everyone to try and keep their savings going until the November distribution date.