Pay-Day Loans

Find yourself a little short between paychecks? Why pay the high fees the corner store's charge when you can get a payday loan at Central Wisconsin Credit Union at HALF THE COST?  That's right - half the cost! All it takes is to stop in at either branch, get your account set up, and you're good to go. But wait!! That's not all. You can get more than just a quick payday loan - by establishing your account, you have access to all our products and services.

And if you find yourself stuck in a payday loan rut, we can show you ways to get back up and running on solid ground.


Question: What is a PayDay loan?

Answer: A PayDay loan is essentially a short term loan, usually no longer than two weeks.

Question: How do you charge interest on your PaDay Loans?

Answer: The interest charged on our PayDay loans is actually a fee of $10.00 per hundred dollars borrowed. Generally speaking, this fee is HALF THE COST  PAYDAY LOAN SHOPS CHARGE!

Question: Can I apply for a PayDay loan online?

Answer: No. You have to stop in at either branch and the application process is actually quite simple. First, we process the loan to determine if you are eligible, then we will open your credit union account and finalize the loan.

Question: What do I need to do to get a PayDay loan?

Answer: You will need two forms of identification, a valid checking account, and $5.00. First, we collect your basic information for the loan. Upon approval, we will then open your account (with the $5.00) here at the credit union, process the loan, and away you go with your cash!. It's that easy. Also, once we have you established here in our database, any subsequent PayDay loans can be processed in a fraction of the time.

Question: Are PayDay loans considered predatory lending?

Answer: We don't think so! First, we charge HALF the cost of the corner payday stores. Second, by getting a PayDay loan from us, you are a member of the Credit Union and all other products and services are available to you. Third, if you find yourself in a "payday loan rut," we can get you out of that rut and back on your feet with truly positive alternative solutions.