Debit/ATM Cards

Central Wisconsin Credit Union offers free Debit cards for checking accounts. Debit cards provide you the ability to access money in your checking account at any ATM machine or make point of sale purchases at many stores and retailers - no more need to carry cash or a clumsy checkbook.

For those with just a savings account, we offer ATM cards, which you can use to access your savings at any ATM machine. ATM cards are not accepted for point of sale transactions.

Free ATM Machines

As a member of Central Wisconsin Credit Union, you will always enjoy fee free ATM machines, available 24/7 in the drive up lanes at both our locations.

  •  In Plover - 1301 Post Rd 
  •  In Stevens Point - 2201 Division Street



Question: What is the difference between a debit card and an ATM card?

Answer: A debit card is linked to your checking and savings accounts. The balance in your checking account is accessible at both ATM's and point of sale purchases at retail businesses; however, your  balance in savings is only available at an ATM machine.

An ATM card can only be linked to your savings account and can only be accessed at an ATM machine.

Question: How can I get a debit card or ATM card?

Answer: You can stop by either branch location to fill out an application.

Question: How soon after I deposit funds in my account are they available through my debit card or ATM card?

Answer:  Transactions using your debit card or ATM card are immediately posted to your account in "real time.  "The same is true for deposits made to your account. The updated balance is immediately available for use.

Question: What limits are there on a debit card and ATM card?

Answer: The debit card and ATM card can be used at an ATM machine up to a maximum of 5 withdrawals or $505 in a day.

Using your debit card other than at an ATM, you may make no more than 10 PIN-based transactions per day. The dollar limit is a  maximum of $750 in transactions per day. There is no limited number of uses on signature based transactions.

Question: Why won't my debit card work?

Answer: Once you receive your card in the mail, you need to activate it by following the instructions on the back of the card. If the card was not activated, it will only work at an ATM machine. If it was properly activated, it also work at a point of sale.  A major cause of debit/ATM cards failing is a result of direct contact with anything magnetic or placed against another credit card. This causes the cards to become demagnetized. Second, the processing system utilized by the merchant may not be functioning properly.

Question: What is the difference between a debit and credit transaction on a debit card?

Answer: When using your card for a debit transaction, your PIN number is required. When using your card for a credit transaction, a signature is required. Either way there is no difference to you, the user. It is simply a withdrawal from your checking account.

Question: Are there any fees related to my debit card or ATM card?

Answer: Central Wisconsin Credit Union does not charge our customers a transaction fee at either of our two ATM machines.  However, other ATM's may charge a fee. There will be a notice on the ATM if there is a fee generated with the transaction. There is a $10 replacement fee if the card is lost or damaged.

Question: What should I do if my debit card or ATM card is lost or stolen?

Answer: Contact the credit union immediately if your card is lost or stolen. On weekends, call 1(866) 546-8273.