Online Billpayer

Looking for the convenience of automatic bill payment, but don't want to give a company access to your account? Why not try our Online Billpayer! When you sign up for Online Billpayer, you enter in the businesses you want to pay, the amount you want to pay, and when you want to pay them. Once a business is set up in Billpayer, it's available each month: no need to re-enter the basic information, just select the business, enter the amount to pay and when. It's that easy! 

Don't give businesses access to your account to withdraw payments at THEIR convenience! 

As usual, Online Billpayer is totally free! Call us today to sign up at (715) 341-0520 in Plover or (715) 295-9611 in Stevens Point. If you don't have Online Billpayer access don't panic you can sign-up online.  If you already have an account click here to be direct to the website.


Question: What is Online Billpayer?

Answer: Online Billpayer allows you to pay a wide variety of bills online. Basically any bill you would normally pay with a hand written check can be paid with Billpayer. Once you are set up, enter in the payee's information, amount of the check and hit transmit. It's that simple! Also, Billpayer will remember who you paid, so if it is a re-occurring bill each month, all you need to enter is the dollar amount, the payee is already set up. What could be easier? This is a GREAT alternative to letting a company pull monthly bills electronically at THEIR convienience! You decide who to pay, when to pay them, and how much to pay.

Question: How do my bills get paid?

Answer: When you make a payment on billpayer, either a check is generated and mailed or if the business can receive the payments electronically, the bill will be paid via ACH. Either way, the bill is paid promptly. You don't have to write out a check, stuff it in an envelope, slap on a stamp and get it to a mailbox OR give a strange business access to your account at their discretion!

Question: What does Online Billpayer cost me each month?

Answer: Not a penny! It's free of charge!

Question: Do the bills I pay using Online Billpayer show up on my statement each month?

Answer: Yes. The payments are treated as a withdrawal to your account and a description of each will appear as a line item on your statement.