If you are signed up for Online Banking, why not have your monthly statements emailed to you each month? That gets you out of the paper shuffle, eliminates statements laying around for others to see, and there is nothing to shred when it comes time to dispose of them. Again… it's safe, secure and TOTALLY free! 


Question: Why should I choose to use e-statements?

Answer: First of all, you'll get your e-statements much faster than mailed statements. Secondly, it lowers the volume of mail you'll receive each month. No need to shred paper statements to destroy them and it is easier on the environment.  

Question: Is there a cost to me to receive e-statements?

Answer: No way! They are free of charge.

Question: Ok, but are they safe?

Answer: You bet they are! You get an email notification that your statement is available, connect via the link on the email, enter your username and password and that's it! You can also print hardcopies if you wish.

Question: With mailed statements, we sometimes received the newsletter. Do we still get the newsletter with e-statements?

Answer: Yes. The annual newsletter will come with your e-statement, in Adobe PDF format, and you can read it online or print out a hardcopy.