IMPORTANT - Data Breach at Wendy's Restaurants

Wendy’s International, LLC is investigating a pattern of unusual debit card activity at some stores. Wendy’s confirmed that malware designed to steal card data was found on some systems. The company says it doesn’t yet know the extent of the breach or how many customers may have been impacted.

However, many financial institutions are reporting losses, 5 to 10 times greater, from this data breach than were experienced in the data breaches involving Home Depot or Target. The fraud scheme seems to be very sophisticated and targets debit accounts that carry large balances.

The scheme appears to involve obtaining the debit card information via malware (malicious software) and the perpetrators then have the pin numbers reset via automated systems employed by many financial institutions. Armed with the card info and new pin number, the perps then drain accounts of funds at ATM machines.

To prevent any compromise of your debit card, if you visit Wendy's, simply pay for your purchase with cash or use a credit card.