Due to increased fraudulent transactions with debit cards we have changed our program to protect you and the credit union.


Effective immediately, when using your debit card for transactions where your card is presentyou will be required to use your pin number and run the transaction as a "Debit"Signing your signature as a "Credit" option is no longer available.

This does not apply to online purchases or over the phone purchases.  It is only required when a card is present.

Please contact us whenever you are planning to leave the state so we can put a travel alert on your card. Also, if you do not know your pin we can provide you with a new one.

We are looking out for your best interests and those of the credit union. Thank you for your membership and please contact us with any questions.

Central Wisconsin Credit Union (715) 341-0520 or Toll free (877) 341-0520

Fee Structure


The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

  • Replace ATM Card: $10.00 
  • Replace Debit Card: $10.00 
  • Pin Mailer Replacement: $1.00 
  • Overdraft Transfer (Per Transfer): $5.00 
  • Garnishments/Levies: $25.00
  • Foreign Item Deposit: $10.00
  • Loan Payoff: $25.00
  • Credit Union Checks (Cashiers Checks): $2.00 
  • Nonsufficient Funds - Checks (Each): $30.00 ​
  • Fax Machine: $1.00/Page
  • Deposited Checks Returned Unpaid: $20.00 
  • Stop Payment - Draft: $20.00 
  • Stop Payment - Electronic Funds Transfer: $20.00 
  • Account Balancing Assistance: $25.00 per hour 
  • Copy of Statement: $5.00 
  • Wire Transfers - Incoming: $10.00 
  • Wire Transfers - Outgoing: $20.00 
  • Photocopies: $0.25/Sheet
  • Copy of Transaction Receipt : $15.00 
  • Monthly Service Fee - Business Account: $20.00 
  • Involuntary Account Closing Fee: $30.00 
  • Dormant Account Fee: $5.00 
  • Returned Mail Fee: $5.00 
  • Non-Member Check Cashing: $5.00 Under $500 $10 Over $500
  • Non-Member Coin Counting: $3.00